Electoral College - No Trump!

December 19th. Your state capitol and also Santa Rosa, CA from 11 am - 1 pm (maybe to 2 pm) at College Ave. and Mendocino (info below just adapt to either location). The day we defend democracy. 

Event FAQs:
1. What's the point of protesting the electors of a blue state?
A: On Monday December 19th, concerned citizens will demonstrate outside of the California Capitol building in Sacramento to protest the electoral college selection of an unfit presidential candidate. The purpose of this protest is to convince the Californian Democratic electoral college voters to join forces with with Republican electoral voters who would support an alternative presidential candidate. We are gathering to inaugurate a national bipartisan movement of absolute dedication to the core principles of this country, principles that go the roots of the American Revolution, and we are sharing that message, loud and clear in 50 state capitals!
If the electoral college nominates the current president-elect, his administration will attempt to convince the public that they have a "mandate" to push their corrupt oligarchical agenda- it's our job to demonstrate in overwhelming numbers that we will not be pushed aside silently. We must shatter any attempt made by the administration of convincing the public that Americans support president elect's leadership/ policy goals.

2. Why are the details of the event changing/ why does the planning seem last minute?
A: This event has been picked up as of 12/12/16 by passionate volunteers who are doing this in their spare time. We have little to no budget, and are doing this because we have to do SOMETHING. We want to rev you up, so that when battle horns are blown in the future, you are ready to mobilize! 

3. Should I make my own signs?
A: Absolutely! And have fun using your creativity! Be proud of it! But also... keep it no larger than 30"x30" and it *must* be hand held. Wooden handles only (think ruler dimensions, not broom stick).
No decorations are to be hung, tacked, taped, or in any way affixed to trees, shrubbery, fencing, or lamp posts on state property.

4. Can I bring a pet? 
A: Any pets *must* be leashed and with owners at all times while on Capitol grounds. 

5. Is this event family friendly?
A: Yes. Bring your kids! This is a peaceful, age-friendly event.

6. Food/Water/Shade?
A: As a no-budget event, planned entirely by concerned citizens, we won’t be able to provide any of the above! Please bring snacks, water, and anything else you think you may need with you to the event!

7. Cleanup?
A: Our permit to organize an event on the West-Side of the capital will end at 3:00pm. Please help us by bringing bags to contain your waste, to dispose of later!

8. Marching?
A: We will be congregating, chanting, showing up in support of a movement we feel is vital to our survival. We will not be marching, as our permit does not allow it- and we would like to be respectful to the Capitol police in heeding their requests.

9. Legal information to read up on before being part of a protest in California?
A: Highly recommend folks skim the ACLU guide in advance:https://www.aclunc.org/our-work/know-your-rights/free-speech-protests-demonstrations

10. When do the CA electorates vote?
A: 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

11. What type of gathering is this?
A: The December 19 campaign is a commitment to nonviolence in all of our actions. It is a bipartisan event. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person. We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions. We will respect the state capitol in not destroying or damaging any property. 

RSVP at https://actionnetwork.org/events/stop-trump-in-california-demand-democracy-at-the-electoral-college

This action is being organized by a growing coalition of organizations including Democracy Spring, Americans Take Action, Electoral College Petition, and Progressive Change Campaign Committee (BoldProgressives.org).

These actions will be peaceful, patriotic, nonviolent, and family-friendly. Everyone taking part must agree to the following terms of participation. By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with Trump supporters or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.

December 19, 2016 at 11am - 2pm
College Ave. and Mendocino
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
United States
Google map and directions
Veronica "Roni" Jacobi · · 707 575 5594

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