THE NEW YORKER - Seven electors against Trump

 December 19th, the five hundred and thirty-eight members of the Electoral College will meet to formally pick the President. Each elector is pledged to support the candidate chosen by his home state’s voters, and by custom this always happens. But this year a few have dissent on the mind. Art Sisneros, a Republican elector from Texas, resigned his appointment rather than vote for Donald Trump. Two Democratic electors, Bret Chiafolo, of Washington, and Michael Baca, of Colorado, have launched a campaign to convince electors of both parties to abandon their pledges and instead vote for a moderate Republican—they have suggested Mitt Romney, John Kasich, or Colin Powell. “This is about trying to stop Donald Trump,” Baca has said. Baca and Chiafolo have found five backers for their plan, but all are Democrats, which means that their movement hasn’t at all dented Trump’s three hundred and two electoral votes. And so they have been met with a collective eye roll.

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