Faith in the Faithless Electors candlelight vigil (everywhere)

Faith in the Faithless Electors candlelight vigil (everywhere)
The night before the Electoral College votes, please walk out of your home and stand with us. Stand where you are, where ever you are. Bring a candle, flashlight, holiday lights, a glow stick, anything, and stand with us in hopeful vigil that the faithless electors will keep alive the potential for justice to prevail. This is their chance to do the right thing for the country.

Bring lawnchairs, a cooler, your faith in our future -- and stand together in hope and pride with your neighbors. Light up the night bright. It is said that Holiday and Christmas lights can be seen by the satellites in space, let them see us too.

This is not a protest (please no angry signs, civil disobedience, or briging other issues to the event) this is simply a direct show of solidarity and faith in those electors who have pledged to protect our country from dangerous leadership. This is a single purpose quiet vigil in hope and faith that our government can be saved by the faithless or Hamilton electors.

Please come out onto the sidewalks, stand on your lawn, gather outside your favorite hang-out, and let our quietly respectful vigil of faith light up the streets and light the way for the faithless. Please share this event as much as possible to get the word out.

Thank you for standing with us.
December 18, 2016 at 8pm - December 19, 2016
Your street USA - EVERYWHERE
All Cities, ALL STATES
United States
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